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09 December

By this time you’re likely in full holiday mode…baking, decorating, visiting with family and friends. And chances are, you probably still have a few more names to check off your shopping list. If you’re still looking for that “pawfect” gift, why not Chews Happiness? We have a beautiful selection of handmade, artisanal pieces you simply won’t find anywhere else. They’re

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Meet Our Artisans: Deki Yangzom

17 November

Meet Our Artisans: Deki Yangzom When looking through our Chews Happiness product line, you’ve probably noticed words like “unique,” “handmade” and “artisanal.” But what does that mean, exactly, for you, your pup and the planet? It means that we don’t simply choose a design we like and hand it off to some huge manufacturer to replicate by the thousands. That’s

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