Eco-Friendly, Super-Healthy, All-Natural, Artisanal, Gourmet Macaron Dog Gifts

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The Barkaron is a Veterinarian Endorsed Dog Treat

Giving treat rewards is an amazing part of the bond we share with our pets. Why not give them one that is healthy as well as delicious. Chews Happiness nailed it with their Barkaron Doggie Desserts!!

Dr. Tony Kremer, DVM (Dr. Tony), Chief Executive of thirteen veterinary hospitals and member of the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association Public Education Committee

Dogs are more than our pets… Dogs are our family, our friends, and loved ones. We have full-on conversations with them. Many of us sleep with them in our beds. Some of us feed our dogs better than we feed ourselves! And, they deserve to be celebrated and indulged with something that is healthy, nourishing, and super special. When so much on the market isn’t real food, isn’t organic or non-GMO, and is packaged in loads of plastic… wouldn’t it be awesome if that indulgent and healthy treat was ALSO good for the planet (and it’s people)?

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Introducing the Barkaron – the first ever handcrafted doggie dessert macaron that is decadent, safety-tested, super healthy, and is nearly as cute as your dog! AND, it comes in an elegant, eco-friendly gift box made with handcrafted paper. Everything from sourcing, to packaging, to distribution, is carried out with health, sustainability, and happiness in mind…. That’s what we call Indulging Mindfully.

We named our macarons for dogs Barkarons because although we believe dogs are people too, they are not human. They have their own sensory experiences. They have their own nutritional requirements. And, most of them have stronger jaws than people do. So, just as a box of gourmet chocolates is tailored for humans, our Barkarons are customized as super-healthy Decadent Doggie Dessert dog gifts.

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