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Chews Happiness Offsets 100% of Carbon Emissions

Chews Happiness has been committed from the start to run our company with ethical and sustainable principles in mind.

Being based in Boulder, CO, the Rockies are a constant reminder of the beauty of our natural world. And as climate change threatens the spaces and species we love, the mountains have become a symbol of our responsibility as well.

Because we love the environment and we love dogs—and we’re fairly certain dogs love the environment as much as we do—we’re getting serious about our sustainable business practices. Our daily operations are already fairly green; we produce all of our dog treats in Bhutan, the only carbon negative country on the planet. Energy used in the production of Barkarons is primarily sourced from hydropower, which is a completely renewable energy source. However, we do produce some carbon emissions, mostly in shipping and transportation.

To make up for this environmental impact, we’ve purchased enough carbon credits to offset 100% of our carbon emissions over the past quarter.

What is Carbon Offsetting?

You can think of carbon offsetting as a voluntary tax on carbon emissions.

For our carbon offsets, we work with EcoSphere+. We start by calculating our total greenhouse gas emissions over the quarter, including everything from the electricity we used to our mileage driven. The calculated carbon emissions are then priced based on the costs associated with offsetting them (for example by growing new forests or maintaining existing ones).

Offsetting our carbon emissions represents one way we are trying to make the world a better place!

Once our carbon cost is priced, we invest that amount into a specific EcoSphere+ project. This past quarter, we purchased 12.97 tonnes of double verified carbon credits. Our investment went towards The Caribbean Conservation Coast Project, an initiative that protects vulnerable forests and habitats in Guatemala. The project addresses the drivers of deforestation, preserving forests and thereby protecting animal habitats. It also offers impoverished communities a sustainable means of making a living by growing cocoa. The cocoa farming we support primarily benefits empowerment of women and girls, providing them an independent income as well as access to education and health care. All of these effects ripple outward, helping us work towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Compensating for our carbon emissions is completely voluntary. We do it because we know it’s the right thing to do.

How You & Your Pet Can Go Green

In addition to neutralizing our carbon emissions, Chews Happiness makes every effort to be ethical and sustainable in all of our business practices. Our Barkarons are made with ethically sourced eggs from free-range hens, organic chicken, and Gobi desert camel cheese from free-range camels with traditional herder guardians, supporting farmers who take care of animals in the most sustainable, natural, and balanced of manners.

All of our treat packaging is plastic-free and recyclable. Our sweaters and accessories are handcrafted from cruelty-free and eco-friendly materials—because pups get cold here in Colorado! We also donate 1% of our sales to the Maya Foundation, a free veterinary clinic and animal sanctuary in Bhutan.

As small business owners, we can use our voices and power in the community for good, and we couldn’t do that without your support. Every time you purchase from Chews Happiness, you’re choosing a greener and fairer future.

So what we’re really trying to say is thank you! Thank you for supporting Chews Happiness, and in turn for supporting environmental conservation. It’s people like you who will transform how we care for our earth.


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