Chewsy Dogs™ Chews Happiness Chews®!

… Because our Chews are the BEST on the market, that’s why!

We are dedicated to bringing America’s doggies the best, most wholesome Chews on the market. So, why are our Chews SO great? – Because Happiness Chews® radiate Happiness at the Molecular Level! – Happiness Chews® has all the “good stuff” without any of the “bad stuff” and are the only Chews on the market that enable you and your doggie to embark on The Path To Chew Happiness®.

Healthy Wholesomeness!

We make our products with utmost care using only high quality, all-natural ingredients. While most other milk-based chews contain primarily cheaper cow milk with a tad of yak milk thrown in, we use 100% yak milk to give your dog the extraordinary health and nutritional benefits of yak milk. Also, all of our yak graze freely in an enchanted realm of fresh air, pristine grasses, and unspoiled streams of glacier water on the world’s highest mountains, the highlands of the Bhutanese Himalayas.  Rest assured that only the highest quality ingredients have been used throughout the process of making our Happiness Chews®!

We do not compromise on product safety!

Don’t be fooled by products that are ostensibly “Made In The USA,” many of which source ingredients from China, a world apart from our yaks’ pristine home. As part of this effort, we have spent a small fortune obtaining independent third-party analytical laboratory analyses of our Chews, which we have had compared to other milk-based chews on the market. We are extremely pleased to inform you that not only are our Chews free of pesticides and just about every other man-made chemical impurity we could think of testing for, but also, unlike all of the other leading milk-based chews on the market that we have had tested, they are free of toxins and pathogens. And, since we do not dilute our primary ingredient, wholesome, healthy, 100% Yak milk, our Chews are loaded with powerful antioxidants!

Yumminess: Chewsy Dogs™ really DO chews Happiness Chews®!

Our products taste great and doggies LOVE them! We have conducted many taste tests that show that doggies vastly prefer our Chews to others. And, yak herders, who have been eating such products for eons, do too! However, we made these Chews for your pooch, not people. So resist all temptation!

Chewability: As far as we can tell – the strongest and longest-lasting milk-based chew we have tested!

Our Chews are truly long-lasting! Our Chews are extremely hard and strong and have been tested by a third-party materials science lab to ensure their ability to withstand dogs’ significant bite forces. These tests have clearly shown that Happiness Chews are four times as strong as other well-known milk-based chews presently on the market. We are constantly improving our recipe so that even the strongest chewers can enjoy our Chews.