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Mobile dog groomers in Utah

Dog Grooming Near Me: Salt Lake City

Dog grooming near me? We at Chews Happiness wanted to help make your lives a little easier by creating a list of all the best mobile dog groomers in Salt Lake City, Utah. So, you can relax at home, and your dog can have the most comfortable experience. Here are the best mobile dog groomers in Salt Lake City. We have not tried these services, but they were very highly rated on Yelp and Google.

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Dog Grooming Near Me: Best Mobile Dog Groomers Salt Lake City

Mobile dog groomers Salt Lake City reviews

Another One of the Best Mobile Dog Groomers Salt Lake City: We Call It Puppy Luv

Address: Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Phone: 801-577-3473


Yelp Rating: 5/5

yelp mobile dog grooming review

Google Rating: 4.9/5

review mobile dog groomer

We Call It Puppy Luv is one of the best mobile dog groomers in Salt Lake City for their fair pricing, family-oriented business, as well as their genuine care to accommodate to their customers.

Tail-Wagging Testimonial: “They did an amazing job on their grooming and my dogs look great! So glad to have found an amazing mobile groomer in my area. Sheri and her assistant did an incredible job with my Sheepadoodle puppy Ollie. Although Ollie was very anxious, Sheri was very patient and even took Ollie for a little walk to calm him before she took him on the bus. She was very accommodating with my wishes not to blow dry him. In the end, Ollie was happy, not stressed, and had his best haircut ever. We will be lifelong customers. Thank you for taking such great care of my Ollie!”

Dog Grooming Near Me: Bubbles N Bows Mobile Grooming

Address: Salt Lake City, UT 84081

Phone: 385-315-0542


Yelp Rating: 5/5

yelp mobile dog grooming review

Google Rating: 4.3/5

mobile dog grooming review

Most importantly, Bubbles N Bows Mobile Grooming was highly rated on yelp and google for their convenience, care for customers and dog’s wellbeing, as well as their ability to groom the pups perfectly!

Tail-Wagging Testimonials: “Bree is fantastic. Her love and care for animals is amazing. I have both giant breed dogs, and toy breeds, long and short fur, and all of my babies look AMAZING when she finished. Love how she is mobile too, less stress for us and our pets. Her way with animals is something that can only stem from truly caring about them, and her grooming skills are fantastic too. She is fast as well. I always hated leaving my dog at one of the major pet store groomers all day. This way, they get an even better groom, I get to stay at home, and it’s less stress for my pets. I can’t say enough good things! Bree did a great job and exactly what I wanted on my dog.”

Dog Grooming Near Me? Salt Lake City: Doggy Do Mobile Pet Salon

Address: Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Phone: 801-386-0261


Yelp Rating: 3/5

mobile dog grooming reviews

Google Rating: 4.3/5

mobile dog grooming review

Certainly, Doggy Do Mobile Pet Salon was rated as one of the best mobile dog groomers in Salt Lake City due to their grooming expertise, professionalism, and responsiveness.

Tail-Wagging Testimonials: “Tina is the absolute best! She has been grooming my Yorkie for well over 5 years! She always gives him amazing haircuts, is extremely good with him, and he smells awesome when she is done. So much better than having to drive and drop your pet off in prison all day and then go pick them up! Tina is very detailed and consistent in her grooming.  She cares a lot about the animals and it shows.  The convenience of having her come to our home makes the whole process easier and much less anxious for our dogs! I highly recommend her services.”

Aussie Pet Mobile Salt Lake

Address: Salt Lake City, UT 84010

Phone: 385-557-4333


Yelp Rating: 4.5/5

Mobile dog groomer rating Tucson

Google Rating: 4.7/5

Mobile dog groomer rating Tucson

Most importantly, reviewers voted Aussie Pet Mobile Salt Lake as one of the best mobile dog groomers in Salt Lake City because they have fair prices, provide quality services, and have fantastic customer service.

Tail-Wagging Testimonials: “We got our first dog about three months ago, as a rescue, and thought we would reduce separation anxiety by having a mobile groomer come to us. Aussie was professional from the phone call all the way through to the finished bath. Great service, convenient and well-priced. I switched to Aussie pet mobile a year ago and my two hunting dogs love them. They come to my office and wash and brush my dogs while I’m still working so why wouldn’t you use them! These are the only people I trust with my dogs. The level of care, the quality of grooming, and their price make me 110% satisfied with their business. There is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the best dog grooming.”


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