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love in the time of corona

Love In the Time of Corona: “Spooky Action”

Love in the time of corona? With all of this year’s happenings, we can all agree that life can be surreal. Did you know though that reality is indeed actually weird? At the tiniest of scales, there is the phenomenon of entanglement: the observation of a particle in one place causes another particle—even one that is far, far away—to instantaneously change its properties to be in sync (or counter-sync) with the first particle. It is as if the two are mysteriously connected by some sort of extra-dimensional channel. (Scientists have recently observed this phenomenon in larger objects as well, which is kind of crazy!)

Einstein refused to accept that objects could influence each other no matter how far apart they were. So, he called this phenomenon “Spooky Action At A Distance.”

With so many of us celebrating the holidays with our loved ones from a distance this year, we at Chews Happiness feel that love in the time of corona is “Spooky Action” at a distance.

We have given a LOT of thought regarding how to help you connect with your furry loved ones this holiday season, including gifting a box of “chocolates” to your favorite dogs and offering amazing dog gifts for them this holiday season.



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