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Meeta Gawande

Meeta Gawande

Chew Creative Officer (CCO) & Legal Counsel

Meet Meeta Chews Happiness Founder
With an adventurous spirit and insatiable curiosity, our co-founder Meeta gives her all to everything she does. Not only is she an award-winning attorney, she is also a published author, a former model, and, oh, did we mention that she once appeared in an off-off-off Broadway play? However, for Meeta, her most important role is as a passionate advocate for the underdog. She has traveled extensively, immersing herself in other cultures, and forming strong relationships with people around the world. Wherever she goes, whether at home or abroad, Meeta is driven to empower others to lead happy, healthy lives. As a college community organizer, she worked to protect children in low-income housing from the hazards of lead poisoning. As a lawyer, she helps small business owners navigate the legal maze and achieve their goals. And as a trustee for the G.S. Gawande College, she ensures that young people in rural India have access to diverse educational and career opportunities they would not have otherwise. Meeta brings this same passion, determination and creativity to our company. From giving Bhutanese artisans a chance to practice their craft and preserve their traditional lifestyles to providing doggie parents with products they can truly trust, she continues her life-long mission to help others Chews Happiness.

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