Happiness Cycle ®

How the cycle makes it possible to achieve Chew Happiness!

Happy Dogs: Here’s where it all begins and ends: with your dog! Because we believe these special beings deserve Happiness, we design, create and select only the highest quality products for your precious pup.

Happy Doggie Parents: You can feel great about selecting Chews Happiness products! They are finely designed and carefully crafted, and each purchase supports a fair wage for traditional herders and artisans.

Happy Herders and Artisans: By partnering with Chews Happiness, Bhutanese herders and artisans are able to maintain the traditional lifestyles they have enjoyed for hundreds of years.

Happy Yaks: Living semi-wild, these furry beasts are also lovingly watched over by herders. Under their care, the yaks thrive, producing beautiful wool and milk for the Bhutanese people.

Happy Planet: Because yaks freely roam the mountains munching on sweet grass, overgrazing is avoided. The earth easily regenerates new growth, releases oxygen into the air and starts the whole process over again!