Carefully Crafted for You, Your Dog and the Planet

Our creations are designed and sourced to be safe, eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

It’s just part of The Path to Chew Happiness™!


Imagine cozying up in something as soft as cashmere, warmer than Merino wool, remarkably breathable, and even pile-resistant. Yes, this magical fiber exists, and you can find it in our Happiness Hugs!

Made from the down under-layer of a winter coat that yaks shed naturally, this rare fiber comes from yaks that are lovingly cared for by Himalayan families and that live as all animals should – with nutritious food, plenty of room to roam and free from harm.

This exclusive fiber is transformed into our Happiness Hugs for dogs by women artisans who, continuing a tradition passed down for generations, weave stunning patterns, meaningful symbols and Happiness Vibes into each Hug.

For our Happiness Hugs for women, we partnered with a master weaver here in the U.S. who uses the same luxurious yak down to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by the same spiritual patterns.


Yak down is not only soft and luxurious, it’s also durable and antimicrobial. That’s why it’s the perfect fiber to use in our one-of-a-kind Happiness Collars and Leashes.

These beautiful items were inspired by the traditional Bhutanese “kera,” the colorful sash that secures a woman’s kira (dress) or man’s gho (robe) at the waist. No two pieces are exactly alike and they retain their beauty for many years, even with daily use, due to the fine weave and expert craftsmanship.

Our artisans create Happiness Collars and Leashes with the same looms and masterful techniques used to weave the keras. The result is breathtakingly beautiful, wholly unique and guaranteed to bring happiness to you and your dog for years to come.