About Bhutan

Bhutan is a very small country high up in the Himalayas sandwiched between eastern India and the Tibetan plateau. It is a country with a resilient ancient Buddhist culture and remained isolated for centuries to avoid foreign influences. In the 1970’s Bhutan started slowing opening to outsiders. This slow process continues to this day.

The country’s flag features Druk, the Thunder Dragon of Bhutanese mythology, who sits on both yellow and orange sides of the flag. The yellow signifies civil tradition while the orange half signifies Buddhist spiritual tradition. The placement of Druk in the center of the flag over the dividing line between the flag’s two colors signifies the equal importance of both civic and monastic traditions in the Kingdom of Druk (Bhutan) [source: wikipedia].

Gross National Happiness

Gross National Happiness is Bhutan’s set of holistic guiding principles. It directs the government’s policies to ensure that each one meets GNH’s four pillars:

  • Pillar 1: Sustainable and Equitable Socio- Economic Development
  • Pillar 2: Conservation of the Environment
  • Pillar 3: Preservation and Promotion of Culture
  • Pillar 4: Good Governance.

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Why Bhutan?

With a population of about 780,000, Bhutan is a tiny country. It is a place where electricity was not available until 1964. TV came to the country in 1999 and it still does not have any traffic lights! This is a place where you won’t find any fast food chains and where everyone either knows you or knows someone who knows you.

The Bhutanese have opened to the world so slowly because they have tried to maintain their traditions and traditional lifestyle. Bhutan is a bastion of Vajrayana Buddhism, a practice that encourages devotees to attain pure enlightenment in a single lifetime by achieving Happiness. As such, the Royal Government of Bhutan, a constitutional monarchy, has adopted the goal of achieving Gross National Happiness and making it a reality.

Bhutan looks at Happiness quite holistically. As such, the country has enshrined in its constitution an extreme focus on conservation of the environment and sustainable development. The country’s constitution stipulates that Bhutan must “maintain at least sixty percent of the country under forest cover at all times.”

The country’s keen emphasis on sustainability shows; it is one of a handful, which is actually carbon-negative!

In addition, in 2013 Bhutan announced a program to become the world’s first completely organic country, with chemical pesticides to be completely phased out!

Since we have created a new industry in Bhutan, we have had the opportunity to work with the Bhutan Ministry of Agriculture and Forests to ensure that only the most stringent product safety and environmental standards are adopted. The Bhutan authorities are quite strict regarding the safety and wholesomeness of products produced in their country. As a matter of fact, the Bhutanese have adopted standards for our Chews that meet and even exceed FDA standards for pet and human food safety!

Finally, unlike other countries in the Himalayas, Bhutan only considers yaks to be yaks if they are 100% pure breeds. That means that even the milk-based chews from Nepal which tout that they are made from pure yak milk, are, in reality made mostly from cow/yak hybrid milk. Coming from Bhutan, Happiness Chews® are produced from only the most wholesome, undiluted source of super- healthy 100% yak milk.

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