Bhutan Street Dog Program

Bhutan is enlightened in so many ways, not least of which is how they treat their street dogs. As a Buddhist society, the Bhutanese revere their street dogs. Most dogs in Bhutan live in local packs in harmony with the local people. Although not pets per se, often the people do take care of the dogs. In turn, the dogs provide security for the community. However, without proper healthcare the dogs represent a risk to humans, including the potential to transmit rabies and other diseases.

As is the case in many developing countries, Bhutan has grappled with the challenge of managing an overwhelming number of dogs roaming the streets. These dogs did not historically have access to inoculations, spaying and neutering, and other health care.

So in 2009, working with the Humane Society International, the Bhutan Foundation embarked on a long-term program to help these dogs and, at the same time, help local communities. The program has included inoculations, spaying and neutering, and veterinary training for local Bhutanese to enable them to take care of the dogs.

Humane Society International’s Bhutan Street Dog Program

Youtube video by the Humane Society International

Soon the program will be handed over to the Bhutanese to continue this important work. Some of this work will be managed by Bhutan’s Royal Society for the Protection and Care of Animals, for which the Bhutan Foundation provided a grant to purchase food for dogs living within the Society’s shelter, pay for the caretaker of the animal shelter, as well as to fund a Mobile Clinic for street dogs. More info on the Bhutan Foundation website.

You can contribute to the Program and be part of enhancing Happiness between humans and our furry best friends by donating here. All donations go directly to the Bhutan Foundation’s ongoing Street Dog Program. More info on the Bhutan Foundation website.

Bhutan’s Experience In Implementing OIE Animal Welfare Standards:
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