Dramey Leash

Dramey Leash

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Gorgeous, one-of-a-kind collars and leashes hand woven in Bhutan from soft, durable, eco-friendly yak down.

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The pattern for this exquisite leash was inspired by the Bhutanese symbol Dramey, or “Endless Knot,” which represents a compassionate heart and the belief that one’s actions and the universe are interlinked.

Hand woven from natural, undyed yak down, the Dramey Leash showcases the beautiful color variations of each animal’s coat. Sturdy, gunmetal-finished hardware adds the perfect finishing touch while keeping your pup safe and secure.

Both the leash and its matching collar are modeled after the traditional Bhutanese kera, the sash that secures a woman’s kira (dress) or man’s gho (robe) at the waist.

Finely crafted by women artisans with the same looms and techniques used for the kera, the Dramey Leash is both fairly traded and earth friendly. The leash’s yak down fiber is 100% cruelty-free and a renewable resource. It comes from the inner layer of the yak’s winter coat, which is naturally shed each spring. This amazing fiber is soft yet durable, and kinder to the planet than cashmere, which causes land degradation due to overgrazing of cashmere goats.

A truly stunning way to celebrate the connection between you, your dog and the planet!

Yak down is not only soft and luxurious, it’s also durable and antimicrobial. That’s why it’s the perfect fiber to use in our one-of-a-kind Happiness Collars and Leashes.

Hand woven by master women artisans in Bhutan, no two pieces are exactly alike. Due to the fine weave and expert craftsmanship, they retain their beauty for many years, even with daily use. Strong, beautiful and truly unique. Just like the bond you share with your dog!

Care Instructions: Simply hand-wash in cold water and then air-dry.