Sunray Hug

Dog Sweater

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Your pup will feel loved and protected in this bright, colorful sweater hand woven with the deeply meaningful Sunray pattern found in many traditional Bhutanese textiles.

A matching Sunray Shrug is available for those doggie moms who want to feel that much closer to their beloved canine companions.

Match Your Mom
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The Sunray Hug Dog Sweater features a sunray pattern seen in many traditional Bhutanese textiles. It represents the beam of enlightenment and stands for prosperity for all beings, equal enjoyment of freedom, and spiritual and material happiness.

This gorgeous garment is consciously crafted with five colors bearing spiritual significance in Bhutan. Each color corresponds to an earthly element (green for wood, blue for water, red for fire, white for iron, and yellow for earth). The main color, a hue of red, is identified with heroic virtues and is worn by sword-bearing officers. White denotes purity, goodness, and nobility, so the scarves offered to lamas and used on ceremonial occasions are white.

Luxuriously soft and warmer than cashmere, Happiness Hugs™ perfectly spoil your cherished companion. They gently cuddle small dogs 3 to 25 pounds, keeping them warm and protected from the elements. If your dog is not in that weight range, and you like our designs, please contact us!


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