Thunderbolt Hug Button Up Dog Sweater

Thunderbolt Hug Button Up Dog Sweater

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Handcrafted with the traditional Bhutanese symbol for great wisdom and bliss, this gorgeous dog sweater will wrap your pup in love. Gift your dog happiness, softness, and luxurious warmth.

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In Bhutanese culture, the powerful double thunderbolt symbol is also called Vajara. It represents great wisdom and great bliss, both of which our dogs give us each and every day.

Natural coconut shell buttons allow the sweater to be opened at the neck or the underside, and is easily adjustable for dogs of different sizes. Available in two striking color combinations, each limited edition garment is handcrafted from undyed yak down, which is as kind to the earth as it is to your pup. Naturally shed every spring and eco friendly, yak down has far less impact on the planet than cashmere, which causes land degradation due to overgrazing of cashmere goats.

Luxuriously soft and warmer than cashmere, Happiness Hugs dog sweaters® perfectly spoil and match your dog. These hand knitted doggie sweaters gently cuddle dogs 3 to 25 pounds, keeping them warm and protected from the elements.

More Info:

Designed for dogs who really don’t like having itchy, tight-fitting sweaters pulled over their heads, the Thunderbolt Hug is handcrafted from yak down, a yak’s winter under-layer shed each spring. 

Happiness Hugs apparel sustainably supports craftswomen and other indigenous peoples. 

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, and then reshape & dry flat, or dry clean.

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