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What are Happiness Chews®?

Our Chew products are limited quantity, artisanal, safety enhanced dog chews made with only the most wholesome 100% human grade ingredients (we make these Chews for your pooch, not people. So resist all temptation!).

Our Chews are extremely long-lasting and dogs love them! Sourced from Bhutan, the land of Gross National Happiness, Happiness Chews® enable doggies and their owners to Chews Happiness.

Our Chews are based on an age-old human food in Bhutan: an extremely hard, smoky cheese made out of 100% Yak milk, with a little lemon/lime juice and a tad of salt thrown in. The basic recipe was developed eons ago as an energy bar of the Bhutanese mountain people and as a means to preserve the incredible nutritional value of Yak milk for use throughout the year.

We have improved upon the traditional recipe to meet a high standard for hygiene and safety and to ensure that our Chews are hardened and strengthened to withstand dogs’ significant bite forces.

Our Chews are of the highest quality and are made from the purest of pure sources; milk of semi-wild Yaks, grazing freely in an enchanted realm of fresh air, pristine grasses, and unspoiled streams of glacier water on the world’s highest mountains, the highlands of the Bhutanese Himalayas. The yak herders wouldn’t know what a hormone was if you stuck a needle in them and shot them up it with it!

The Yak herders of Bhutan are nomadic with their families, typically each owning between 50-60 yaks. They are always on the move, shifting every 2-3 months among pasture lands up in the highlands. Yak herders are not stationed together; they are often scattered and located a 2 to 3 days trek from the nearest dirt road.

In order to bring to you the highest quality product from the most pristine pastures in the planet, we collect our raw material, 100% human grade yak cheese, from those families. The 100% yak cheese they make is a firm cheese, made by modest methods, from milk that the herders harvest from the animals each morning. The milk is heated, curdled, drained and then compressed between two large rocks and aged in the pristine alpine air. The flavor of this cheese is pleasantly mild with a slightly tangy, grassy flavor and a suggestion of smoky rawhide.

We transport this cheese to the nearest road using horses. We then transport this incredible material to our FDA registered artisanal production facility in Bhutan, where we transform it into Happiness Chews.

None of our products are purchased from commercial producers; it is all sourced from yaks living on the world’s highest peaks and brought directly to you and your doggie.

Not everyone can Chews Happiness; we can only obtain the precious raw material in extremely limited quantities, as it is only produced during the animals’ natural birthing and lactating cycle. This is very different from cow’s milk, which is typically produced year-round by artificially maintaining cows in a continual state of pregnancy.

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