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Luxuriously Soft & Warmer than Cashmere: These Happiness Hugs™ are made from yak wool down, which is 10–40% warmer than sheep wool. Yaks live high up in the frigid Himalayas, so they grow their silky soft down to stay nice and warm in the winter. Then they naturally shed it before summer.

From Bhutan to Boulder: In Bhutan, textiles are endowed with patterns and colors that embrace the interconnection among all beings. Our artist in Boulder, Colorado, hand-wove those same patterns and colors into this Hug just for you.

Masterfully designed: We designed these limited edition Hugs in collaboration with Sara Goldenberg, a fine artist acclaimed for her woven art installations, including a permanent installation at the Denver Art Museum. Sara’s works of art explore the connection between past and present, traditional and modern, handmade and technological.

Celebrating Love: To celebrate your loving connection with your dog, wrap yourself in this luxurious Hug while your doggie is wrapped in his or her own cozy Hug. Each Hug accentuates your own unique beauty. Yet, you both will be connected by the same luscious yarn, the same beautiful colors, and the same meaningful pattern from Bhutan, the Land of Happiness.

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