Happiness Pals™

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As we have raised Bouncer, our CTO, we have struggled with finding him toys that he can’t rip apart within a day.

After scouring the universe for the most robust toy, we came across PlayTuff Technology™. We realized that these toys can be so instrumental on dogs’ happiness that we decided to create our own Happiness Pals™.

When you choose Happiness Pals™ you support our Vision by subsidizing our incredible products from Bhutan, while providing your furry friend with really great (and cute) toys.

We have two Happiness Pals™: Yakshi the Yak and Druk the Dragon. Each comes in small and large sizes.

Yakshi The Yak lives in the Land of Happiness on top of the world. She grazes on the most pristine grasses on our planet. By sustainably and naturally providing milk for our very special Happiness Chews®, she is able to support her natural and semi-wild lifestyle.

Druk The Dragon lives in the mountains and skies of Bhutan. When the wind blows, he dances across the Bhutanese flag. When a storm builds, you hear his thurderous roar, and when the storm recedes you se his glowing rainbow colors. Druk invites your dog to join hmi on his adventures in the Land of Happiness.

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