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Tavor White

Tavor White (alias “T”)

Chew Executive Officer (CEO)

Founder of Chews Happiness Tavor White
Our founder, T, is a corporate refugee, having spent over two decades working with companies to help them grow their businesses and optimize their operations. By combining that experience with a deep love for our planet, other cultures and animals, he has created a company with a passionate mission to spread happiness to others. This passion has taken him to all seven continents in a quest to understand how people on our planet live and how their cultures enrich our world. He has relaxed in gers with Mongolian nomads, visited small village Shamans up the Rio Negro, and climbed mountains for a glimpse of endangered species. T has shared mare’s milk with horsemen of the steppes, and motorcycled through deserts and on the edges of cliffs to spend time with isolated peoples. He has slept on top of mountains buried in layers of yak wool blankets and shared yak cheese with traditional Bhutanese peoples. All these experiences and relationships have given T a unique perspective on the world and the effect we have on it. The result is a company that truly cares about making a difference for people, pets and the planet.

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