Doberdoodles (Doodleman Pinschers): 5 Fun Facts

Doberdoodles (Doodleman Pinschers): 5 Fun Facts

Nov 02, 2020


Happy Poodle mix

What are Doberdoodles (also known as Doodleman Pinschers)?

It is a Doberman Pinscher and Standard Poodle mix. Doberdoodles are sharp-minded, interesting beings. It combines long-held traits of each parent in sometimes interesting, extreme, and opposing ways.

How do we know so much about Doodleman Pinschers? Well, Bouncer, our Global VP of Happiness and CTO (Chief Tasting Officer), happens to be one!

Let’s have a look at some of the Doberdoodle breed’s most striking qualities.

The Doberdoodle Scorecard

Doberdoodle personality

1) Doodleman Pinschers Are Fiercely Protective

Doberman poodle mix scorecard

Doberdoodles make excellent watchdogs and guard dogs. Our Dooodleman Pinscher, Bouncer, is quiet like his Doberman half until he notices a perceived threat. Then, probably even more so than his Poodle half, he makes it clear that there is NO Trespassing allowed!

2) Doberdoodles Are Selectively Friendly

Friendly Poodle Doberman mix

Despite their protectiveness, Doberdoodles can be friendly to strangers, but only after a proper introduction and after conducting a thorough “security review.” Although typically a bit standoffish at first, Doberdoodles will often greet multiple-visit strangers as if they are old friends!

It’s a different story when it comes to dogs and cats, however.

Seeing another dog in the neighborhood makes our Doberdoodle, Bouncer, go crazy! Once he accepts other dogs as friends though, he treats them as a member of his pack.

In our experience, introducing Doodleman Pinschers to a cat is not a good idea. Doberdoodles have an overwhelmingly strong prey drive. Unless restrained, a Doberdoodle will likely chase a cat down. Perhaps if a Doberdoodle were raised with a cat from early in its puppyhood, then it would tolerate a cat in its presence. Otherwise, think oil and water.

Unlike their Doberman parent breed, Doberdoodles do not typically get along with other creatures; they will compulsively hunt down any animal they encounter. It’s best to keep a Doberdoodle leashed and to proactively watch out for any critters when walking them.

3) Be Prepared To Spend A LOT Of Time & Effort Training Your Doodleman Pinscher

Training Doberman Poodle mix

Doberdoodles are incredibly stubborn, dominant dogs that will not submit easily. Bouncer is a free-spirited individual and will purposely try to wear us down. Bouncer continually tests his dominance over us and does so with other dogs as well.

Doberdoodles are trainable, but unlike both their easily trainable parent breeds, their extreme stubbornness, dominant nature, and acute prey drive requires constant diligence and effort to achieve an adequate level of training.

We are proud of the progress Bouncer has made, despite his learning challenges, and we know how much work it continues to be for him to try to behave as a “normal” dog.

4) Doberdoodles’ Loyalty Is Total

Doberdoodle loyaltyDespite the challenges associated with trying to train a Doodleman Pinscher, Doberdoodles are boldly protective dogs, as previously discussed. This is due to their deep devotion and loyalty. They are extremely attached to their people and, like their Doberman parent breed, can be called “Velcro dogs;” they will follow you everywhere, even to the bathroom!

5) Like Humans And Other Dogs, Doberman Poodle Mixes Have Quirks

A few quirks that come to mind include their wanderlust, picky eating habits, and introverted nature.


Doberdoodles wanderlustDoberdoodles love an adventure and are prone to chasing after animals or other stimuli that catches their attention. If not provided with enough stimulation, Doberdoodles will be more than happy to create their own adventure!

Picky Eating:

Picky Eating DoberdoodleDoberdoodles are picky eaters and they will use their intellect to get you to service their sophisticated culinary tastes. Bouncer will refuse to eat if his food isn’t to his liking or served in his preferred way (e.g. not enough chicken, chicken placed on the bottom instead of the top of his meal, etc.). The Ten-Minute Rule (taking a dog’s food away if he/she does not start eating it within ten minutes) does not work with Bouncer. He knows that his hunger strikes are very effective and he will maintain these strikes until his demanding culinary requirements are met!

This trait makes him perfect for one of his primary responsibilities: Chew Tasting Officer (CTO) here at Chews Happiness. If he likes our edible dog gifts, such as our Barkarons, we KNOW that they are ready for prime time! If it pleases Bouncer’s picky palate, we know most other dogs will love them!


Shy Doberman poodle mixDoberdoodles can be quite shy and usually just desire attention from THEIR humans. Bouncer does enjoy his extended dog pack whom he plays with during his weekly pack days. However, Doodleman Pinschers typically do not require a lot of socializing with other dogs. They can though become depressed if not given enough attention from their people.



Pictures of Doberdoodle doberman poodle mix

Thinking About Getting A Doberdoodle?

Doodleman Pinschers are a unique breed. They share many of their parent breeds’ traits, but sometimes to an extreme, leading to unexpected personality characteristics.

We adore Bouncer despite his flaws and feel truly honored to have him in our lives. He’s truly made us better, more patient, and loving humans.

We hope this article gave you a good idea of what a Doberdoodle is like!

Regardless of your dog’s breed we know that he/she is special and deserves only the finest dog treats. We invite you to buy a Barkaron® Decadent Doggie Dessert® gift box now or check out our Amazon Shop!

Want to learn more about Doberdoodles?

Check out our in-depth analysis of 17 Doberman and Poodle traits and how the Doodleman Pinscher compares.

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