Eco-friendly Gifts for Dogs & Their Parents

Eco-friendly Gifts for Dogs & Their Parents

Dec 15, 2020


Our dogs are much more than pets. They are family. Giving anyone, human or dog, a thoughtful, loving gift is a beautiful way to show them how much you care.

Remember, dogs can be as smart as a two-and-a-half-year-old. In terms of social intelligence, they rank up there with teenagers! And, they not only recognize new items they are presented with, but also they prefer novelty!

You would give a two-year-old family member a special holiday gift, wouldn’t you? Well then, how about a giving a gift box to your furry family member?

So, we’ve compiled a list of the best eco-friendly gifts for dogs and their parents to help you with your holiday shopping!

Eco-friendly Dog Gifts

Check out the following Eco-friendly dog gifts to put a spring in your pup’s step!

Barkaron Macaron Dog Desserts

Give the ultimate gift – a “chocolate box” for dogs filled with delicious, guilt-free, natural dog macarons that support their health. The eco-friendly, plastic-free, elegant gift box is made from reclaimed cotton and recycled paper and is a USDA Certified Biobased packaging. Your dog will love getting their very own decadent box of “chocolates!”

Wooden & Cloth Pet Beds

These cozy pet beds come in a variety of sleek, modern styles sure to complement any home! These pet beds are soft and stylish and made from plush, washable cushions with durable cross linen woven fabrics.

Happiness Hugs Yak Down Dog Sweaters

The most unique, cozy, soft, and stylish dog sweaters ever created! Handmade by Bhutanese craftswomen, these sustainably sourced yak down dog sweaters are made from one of the warmest natural fibers and are naturally antimicrobic and durable. If you’re looking for a cozy, warm gift for a small dog in your life, this is it! 1% to animal rescue.

Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl

This hand-sewn travel dog bowl is Dog bowl made from recycled bike tubes! This gift is perfect for the outdoorsy dog parent who likes to stay active with their pup! These travel dog bowls are shipped in a biodegradable burlap bag made from natural fibers.

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Dog Parents

Personalized Dog Mom Natural Canvas Tote Bag

Customize an eco-friendly, natural canvas tote bag with the dog’s breed and the year your friend became a dog mom. Available in 3 sizes! And, part of revenues are contributed to animal rescue.

Dramey Yak Down Matching Dog Dad Scarf

Looking for something unique, silky, and stylish? Look no further! This dog dad scarf is handwoven in the USA from undyed yak down, which is much more sustainable, warmer, and softer than cashmere! 1% to animal rescue.

Down Matching Dog Mom Apparel 

Want to really stand out? Look no further than this elegant, unique collection of handwoven yak down garments for women. Yak down is much more sustainable than cashmere, which causes severe degradation of the environment due to the over-grazing of huge herds of cashmere goats. 1% to animal rescue.

Treat the dogs and dog-lovers in your life to something both eco-friendly and genuinely unique this holiday season! Shop sustainably and feel fantastic about the thoughtfulness of your gift and its better impact on the world. Check out our sustainable, eco-friendly, scrumptious doggie dessert line to treat your pup to something truly remarkable this holiday season.

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