Free Dog Massage Course by Chews Happiness

Oct 01, 2020



Please Enjoy Our Free Dog Massage Course

In our continued efforts to help dog parents bond with their pets, we not only offer the world’s best dog treats, but also, we developed this free online course covering how to massage your dog. Proper dog massage supports his/her wellbeing, while avoiding injury to your pet. Regardless of whether your dog is in pain or would benefit from a bit more “relaxing love time,” learn how to be an even better emotional support human for your pet!

Join Clare Primo, Certified Canine Massage Therapist and Certified Veterinary Nurse, for three sessions where she demonstrates how to safely massage your dog on our very willing Doberdoodle volunteer, Bouncer.

In addition to being an amazing human, Claire believes strongly in the body’s innate ability to heal itself and is a strong believer in integrative medicine for animals. She specializes in supporting senior animals, but heals animals of all ages.

Here are links to the three segments of our dog class in How to Massage Your Dog:

Dog Class 1: Introduction to Dog Massage

In this first segment of the dog course, Claire introduces you to dog massage and explains why dog massage is so good for you and your dog’s wellbeing.

(Please see Featured Video)


Dog Class 2: Principles of Dog Massage

In this second segment of the dog course, Claire teaches you the three Principles for Doggie Massage: Trust, Intention, and Breath.


Dog Class 3: Techniques for Dog Massage

In this third segment of the dog course, Claire shows you how to apply three safe and simple techniques to massage your dog.


I don’t know about you, but in our experience, getting a good massage makes one hungry. How about a special dessert dog gift box for your special furry family member? If you want, you can even check out our Amazon Shop!

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