Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Furry Family Member

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Furry Family Member

Jan 28, 2021


We all give Valentine’s Day gifts to our loved ones to inspire us to communicate our appreciation and love. In December we included in our email newsletter an amazing inspiration about a true Santa Paws. We begin 2021 with two Valentine’s Day inspirations: one of another human saint (the new Saint Valentine’s?) who risked his life to save dogs and cats from a burning animal shelter that had caught fire, and a second amazing story of a kind dog who waited for six days outside a hospital for her daddy (WARNING: Do NOT watch video if you are not prepared to shed a tear or two when the doggie is reunited with her dad as he is wheeled out of the hospital!).

I am truly inspired by these two stories of a human and a dog each showing incredible compassion and kindness. So, we hope they serve as inspirations and that they encourage you to show extra kindness to all beings and to give your loved ones very special Valentine’s Day gifts.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day Gifts: Dog Presents

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Many people look for Valentine’s Day gifts and ways to show our dog love with something special. Such often gifting often includes giving something exceptional to our loved ones. By tradition, gourmet boxes of chocolates make such presents special. Obviously, dogs can’t eat chocolate. So, what kind of Valentine’s Day inspiration can we come up with for our kind dogs?

Learn a bit about the history of Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day gifts of boxes of gourmet chocolates on this day, a tad about the history of gifting to furry family members on this special day, and how you can gift something special for your furry special “someone.”

Certainly, don’t forget these Valentine’s Day gifts: our special Barkaron gift box of “chocolates” for dogs deal (see details below).

However, if rather than a gift box of gourmet “chocolates” you would prefer to Give Your Dog A Hug® as a Valentine’s Day gift to help your furry family member battle the winter cold with one of the warmest, softest dog sweaters available, please take advantage of our special Happiness Hugs® deal (see details below)!

Most importantly, we are proud to announce that our handcrafted Happiness Hugs yak down dog sweaters have just earned the prestigious Editors’ Choice 2021 Dogster Magazine award. So, if you are not sure whether to go for a box of Barkarons or a Happiness Hugs sweater for Valentine’s Day, remember that we will send you a free Barkaron Gift Box with the purchase of a Happiness Hug sweater! So, Give Your Dog A Hug this Valentines’ Day!

A Box of Gourmet Kind Dog “Chocolates”

best dog treats

Due to their pristine ingredients, exceptional health benefits, their eco-friendly, plastic-free gift boxes, and support of indigenous herders and family farmers, Barkarons represent great Valentine’s Day gifts and make the best kind dog gifts!

However, don’t believe us; thousands of dogs and their parents chose Happiness by electing our Barkarons as one of the Top Five Pet Products of All Time! That’s why thousands of publications across the USA have featured them!

Above all, thousands of dogs and their parents have sophisticated taste! They want only the best, untouched ingredients. They know quality when they sniff it. And, they care enough about environment to seek products with eco-friendly packing! – No wonder they selected super-healthy Barkaron Decadent Doggie Desserts as one of the top five pet products of all time! We are sure that they would all agree that Barkarons make great Valentine’s Day gifts.

Barkaron dog treats

Gift your dog a Barkaon Gift Box now while supplies last!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Kind Dog: Special Deals!

(while supplies last)

Barkaron Gift Boxes

Winner of Sampler’s Top 5 Pet Products of ALL Time!


Buy 2 Get a FREE Happiness Pals® Dog Toy (a $21.99 – $24.99 value)! 

(specific toy model may vary)

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Yak toys for dogsDruk the dragon tough dog toy

Cat toy

Copper The Cat Snuggling With His Happiness Pals Toy

By the way, Happiness Pals are not just for dogs. We love cats too! – And, they love our Happiness Pals toys! Copper The Cat takes his Yakshi The Yak everywhere he goes! So, you can give your cat a Valentine’s Day gift as well!

Happiness Hugs® Yak Down Dog Sweaters

Our sweaters are SO exquisite that they have received the esteemed Editors’ Choice 2021 Dogster Magazine award. As one Dogster Magazine reviewer said: “Clearly a beautiful and well-made sweater. Looks unique and the hand-crafted aspect makes it more so.”

Editor's Choice Dogster Magazine

Special Valentine’s Day Gift: Buy a Happiness Hug and get a FREE Barkaron Dog Gift Box ($24.00 value)!

Super soft yak down dog sweater


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