We Want To Share Some Happiness With You!

May 26, 2020


Be Careful: This Is What Happens When You Do Not Unbox Barkarons Quickly Enough!

We especially want to remind you that our Barkarons are made with ethically sourced eggs from free-range hens, organic chicken, and Gobi desert camel cheese from free-range camels with traditional herder guardians, supporting farmers who take care of animals in the most sustainable, natural, and balanced of manners.

And, in case you forgot, all of our treat packaging is plastic-free and recyclable. Our sweaters and accessories are handcrafted from cruelty-free and eco-friendly materials. We also donate to animal rescue.

As small business owners, we can use our voices and power in the community for good, and we couldn’t do that without your support. Every time you purchase from Chews Happiness, you’re choosing a greener and fairer future.

So what we’re really trying to say is thank you! Thank you for supporting Chews Happiness, and in turn for supporting environmental conservation. It’s people like you who will transform how we care for our earth.

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