Dog Birthdays: 5 Great Ideas to Celebrate

Dog Birthdays: 5 Great Ideas to Celebrate

Aug 26, 2021


Celebrating your dog’s birthday can be a fun way to make more memories together. Certainly, celebrating your dog’s birthday can be a fun idea to show your dog how much you love them. How to best celebrate your dog’s birthday? Here are some great ideas.

1. Plan a Dog Birthday Pool Party

Does your dog love to swim at the lake? Do they jump with excitement every time you’re watering the plants? Are they the first to run toward the water sprinklers? Then, plan a pool party! Get a small kid’s pool and fill it up to make it a blast. Certainly, this is an excellent dog birthday party idea. 

Kick it up a notch by adding some ice cubes to the pool to keep it refreshing all day long. Leave some Barkarons around the patio area so they can enjoy a special treat while they’re playing by the pool. 

2. Head to The Dog Park

If you don’t have plenty of space at home, head to the dog park for a communal party. Bring some treats and a dog-approved birthday cake to celebrate with the rest of the dogs in the park. Make sure to ask other dog parents about sharing treats or food options to prevent any allergic reactions to your treats. 

Make sure to bring some dog-friendly hats and party favors to set the mood and have everyone involved. Trust us, the picture you’ll end up with will be worth it. 

3. Have a Dog Birthday Party

Got some dog friends? Well, invite them over for some fun games and cakes and celebrate together. 

Just like human parties, you want to have some goody bags for your guests to take back home. Add some Happiness Pals dog toys, tennis balls, and a couple of dog treats as a way to say thank you to everyone who showed up. 

4. Celebrate with Doggie Day Care Friends

Celebrate at doggie day care! For example, another popular option is to bring the party to your dog’s daycare. Bring some dog birthday hats, toys, and treats and celebrate with the staff. Reach out to your daycare center and see what items you’re allowed to bring. In most cases, you can get some treats and party favors to sing happy birthday and have a bit of fun with everyone spending the day there. 

5. Give Your Furry Family Member a Gift Box of “Chocolates”

Who doesn’t enjoy it when a loved one gifts them a special box of gourmet chocolates. So, make sure to spoil your furry loved ones while treating them to high-quality yummies that support health and wellbeing so that you can celebrate many more birthdays with them!

Our Barkaron® Decadent Doggie Desserts® are unique gift boxes of “chocolates” for dogs! Of course, they are not actually made with chocolate. However, they ARE decadent, eco-friendly, French Macarons for dogs that are handcrafted from pristine, wholesome, all-natural, and beyond organic ingredients. And, they support immune health, skin & joint health, skin & coat health, and digestive wellbeing. Our dog treats are packaged in stylish, handcrafted gift boxes (made from 100% recycled paper). Sustainably sourced, fairly traded, 1% to animal rescue.

Can you imagine a better way to celebrate your favorite dog’s birthday?

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