Dog Birthdays: Dogs Love Them!

Dog Birthdays: Dogs Love Them!

Sep 23, 2021


Dog birthdays? It’s almost time for your furry friend’s birthday! We all naturally want to throw a celebration in honor of our furry family member. However, don’t we all wonder whether our beloved pet appreciates the party you are throwing for them? Can they recognize a party when they see one?

The answer, not surprisingly, is yes! While our dogs clearly probably don’t understand the concept of their date of birth and how it is celebrated annually, they definitely enjoy the social connection that a party brings

Do dogs know when they are at a party?

Dogs are highly sentient souls, known for their strong connections with humans and other dogs. So, they easily feed off the excitement created by a dog birthday party atmosphere! Your dog does realize that something really exciting is happening as soon as they see many of their favorite humans or canine friends in the same place.

Since dogs have evolved to be part of a pack, they will usually feel at home in a group of humans. This is taken to another level if the humans are making a fuss of the dog and dishing out its favorite treats, such as Barkaron® Decadent Doggie Desserts®!

How can you celebrate your dog’s birthday?

Here are a few ideas to help you make the most of your furry friend’s big day!

  • Routine is key. Consider showering your dog with favorites from their daily routine. Time for a walk? Take them to their favorite spot where they get most excited to climb a hill, jump in some water, run in the dog park, or enjoy whatever activity is their favorite.
  • Take them for a dip at a local dog-friendly swimming pool! They will have a blast, especially if some of your dog’s friends can come too. 
  • Bake your dog a dog-friendly birthday cake. We all know that certain ingredients are toxic to dogs, so be sure to follow a recommended recipe like the one we just linked to. Your pooch will love nothing more than diving into the sweetest of treats!
  • If your dog’s idea of a perfect day is playing fetch with you until they are exhausted, try these birthday-style tennis balls with a built-in squeaker for extra excitement. The perfect birthday gift for an active dog!
  • Give your dog something really special such as Barkaron® Decadent Doggie Desserts®. These desserts are unique gift boxes of “chocolates” for dogs! (NO chocolate included.) These special dog treats are decadent, eco-friendly, French Macarons for dogs that are handcrafted from pristine, wholesome, all-natural, and beyond organic ingredients. They support skin & coat/joint health, immune health, and digestive wellbeing. Our Barkarons are packaged in stylish, handcrafted gift boxes (made from 100% recycled paper). Sustainably sourced, fairly traded, 1% to animal rescue.

Your dog deserves to celebrate their big day with you. Despite the fact they may not know it’s their birthday, they will certainly pick up on everyone’s excitement and have a blast during their birthday party!

Jack Vale is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with dog backpack carrier K9 Sport Sack.

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