Dog Birthdays: Five Ways To Celebrate

Dog Birthdays: Five Ways To Celebrate

Mar 30, 2021


Dog birthdays are important milestones in our furry family members’ short lives. This is especially the case since your dog is probably older than you think he/she is. We know that dogs can have the intellect on par with a two- or two-and-a-half-old-human. Everyone wants to make their toddlers feel super special on their birthdays even though tots are often confused regarding the link between birthdays and aging. Dogs probably do not endure such confusion. So, we should all celebrate!

Above all, how do we make a dog birthday feel special though? We at Chews Happiness are all about helping you make your dog smile and finding the best dog gift boxes. So, we are providing you with five great ways to celebrate dog birthdays!

Five Ways to Celebrate Dog Birthdays

1. Spend some extra quality time with your dog. Go for a nice long walk or hike. Most importantly, nothing makes for a smiling dog more than spending time with mommy or daddy. What a great way to create a special dog birthday!

2. Take your dog to a place that is special to her. For Bouncer, our Doberdoodle, that means going to the dog park and playing ball. For an extra special day, we bring him to his favorite store to shop for a new toy as a dog birthday gift. He prances down the pet lane and selects the toy that strikes his fancy.

3. Spend a bit of extra time playing games with your pet.

dog games

Playing games together is not only a great way to strengthen your connection with your pet, but also playing games can keep his/her mind sharp and maintain and improve cognition as dogs get older (Bouncer especially enjoys the shell game!). Even during inclement weather or when you are otherwise unable to play outside, you can play great indoor games with him/her. What a great way to make a dog birthday extraordinary!

Throw In A Quick Adventure!

4.  Go on an adventure. Dogs typically love a bit of novelty and adventure. So, in addition to visiting a special, comfortable place, take your dog to someplace new and different! Try a walk in a new neighborhood or a hike on an unfamiliar trail for a meaningful dog birthday.

5. Treat your dog to health, wellness, and happiness by giving him/her an eco-friendly gift box of our Handcrafted Barkarons® super healthy, Decadent Doggie Desserts! These crunchy, scrumptious, nutritious desserts are lovingly formulated to support your dog’s health and happiness. Of course, you can’t give a box of actual chocolates to your dog on her birthday, but you CAN give her a gift box of gourmet “chocolate” for dogs as a super special dog birthday gift!

chocolate for dogs

It is probably not practical to apply all five celebration techniques in one day. So, consider instituting a dog birthday week!

That way you can give a few Barkarons® on each day of your annual dog birthday celebration week! For example, Duke, one of our happy doggie customers, shared a picture with us showing how he is a smiling dog when enjoying a gourmet dog macaron gift box of Barkarons®!

Barkaron dog gift boxes


Gift Box of “Chocolates” for Your Dog Birthday!

Why are Barkarons® so special? Because not only do we handcraft them with pristine ingredients with exceptional functional health benefits, but also, we support indigenous peoples and animal rescues. And, we only use eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging! So, they are the best dog birthday gift boxes!

Don’t trust us; thousands of dogs chose Barkarons as one of the Top Five Pet Products of All Time! That’s why Barkarons have been showcased in thousands of publications!

best dog treats

Sample of Publications Featuring Chews Happiness Barkarons:

The Arizona Republic
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The San Diego Union-Tribune
International Business Times
Buffalo News
Boston Herald
Daily Herald


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