Five Ways To Keep Your Dog Smiling!

Five Ways To Keep Your Dog Smiling!

Mar 16, 2021


There’s Nothing Like A Happy Dog!

As loving pet parents, there is often nothing more satisfying than seeing our dog smiling! As an entrepreneur, I spend a lot of time on calls, in front of my computer, and putting out fires. Bouncer, our Doberdoodle often comes into my office making it extremely clear that it is time to go out for a walk, time for a snuggle session, or time for a play break. I try to accommodate him whenever I can; I try to make him a smiling dog!

Alas, we cannot always be available to do so though…  I know when I am too busy to tend to Bouncer, he depressingly skulks away; in these moments, he is obviously not a dog smiling… As I am sure you can all relate, when this happens, I get hit with a cutting thunderbolt of guilt. More often than not, I stop what I am doing and spend a bit of time with him. Of course, this just reinforces his behavior and lets him know that he will be rewarded for pestering me when I am busy. What we do for love…  What we do to see our dog smiling.

Ways To Keep Your Dog Smiling

So, how do you keep your dog smiling as often as possible? Mind you, we are not talking about making your dog smile by training him/her how to do so. We are talking about ensuring that your dog is genuinely happy and without a doubt is a smiling dog.

At Chews Happiness, we feel that it is all about… well… choosing Happiness. Below we describe five ways to keep your dog happy.

1. Choose to spend as much quality time as is possible with your pet so that he/she is a smiling dog. Take breaks with your pet: especially when you feel that you are too busy to do so. Go out on walks with your dog: even when the weather is nasty. More time spent together equates to more dog smiling!

2. Choose to play games with your pet. Playtime not only is a fun way to reinforce your bond with your dog, but also it is a great way to keep his/her mind sharp and to make your dog smarter (Bouncer especially enjoys the shell game!). Even when the weather is really bad or you are otherwise unable to spend much time outside with your furry family member, there are great indoor games that you can play with him/her. Regular play sessions result in dog smiling!

3. Choose to provide your dog with comfy sleeping areas. Adult dogs can typically spend half their day sleeping with larger breeds sleeping even more. With so much of one’s day dedicated to slumber, it is no wonder that access to comfy sleeping areas is paramount to a dog’s happiness and well-being. Bouncer likes to mix things up. He has three doggie beds, access to two couches, and a few human beds. He often spends his late mornings snoozing on a couch near our front entrance where there is lots of sun. That way he can guard the house while enjoying a warm, comfy snooze. Talking about comfy sleeping areas, nothing makes a sleeping area homier than surrounding oneself with one’s favorite toys.

dog play

Betty with Her Druk The Dragon Happiness Pals® Dog Toy

So, make sure your furry family member has comfy snoozing areas so that he/she is a smiling dog!

4.  Choose to mix it up. Like many dogs, Bouncer loves a bit of novelty and adventure. That’s why we don’t go on the same walk every day. Some days we go on a neighborhood walk where Bouncer seems to enjoy patrolling. Other days we go for hikes in the many trails we are lucky to enjoy in Boulder, CO. During the summer, we sometimes go up into the mountains for long hikes in the wilderness. No matter what, wherever we go, Bouncer always enjoys his weekly “pack day” where he runs around with his buddies for hours. Mixing it up makes for dog smiling!

5. Choose not to give your dog junk food! Although junk food may put a temporary smile on their faces, it won’t contribute their long-term health, wellness, and happiness.

Uncle Sam the dog

That’s why Chews Happiness offers eco-friendly gift boxes of our Handcrafted Barkaron® super healthy, Decadent Doggie Desserts! These crunchy, delicious, wholesome desserts are specially made to contribute to your dog’s health and happiness. With only the finest functional food ingredients such as turmeric, organic chicken, camel cheese, and organic pomegranate, you will achieve genuine dog smiling!

Duke, one of our many customers, sent us some pics to show us how happy he is a smiling dog when receiving a dog gift box of Chews Happiness Barkarons® gourmet dog macarons!

Barkaron dog gift boxes

We hope these ideas facilitate your bonding with your pet and contribute to smiling dogs. Let us know!



Always Chews Happiness!

Chew Executive Officer

Chews Happiness

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