Valentine’s Day Dog Gift: Perfect Dog Love Expression

Valentine’s Day Dog Gift: Perfect Dog Love Expression

Jan 21, 2021


We all want to show our dog love with a special Valentine’s Day dog gift. Valentine’s Day is all about gifting something special to our loved ones, right? Traditionally, these special gifts are gourmet boxes of chocolates. However, dogs can’t eat chocolate. So, how can we show our dog love?

The History of Valentine’s Day Gifting

Most importantly, before we answer that question, let’s review what Valentine’s Day is all about. The Feast of Saint Valentine was instituted by Pope Gelasius I in AD 496 in honor of Saint Valentine, who died, ostensibly as a martyr at the hands of the Romans, on February 14 AD 269 (at least one of the two guys named Valentine did anyway). Meanwhile, this holiday happened to overlap with the ancient Roman holiday of Lupercalia, an annual festival held from February 13 – 15 and celebrating the thwarting of evil spirits and the deliverance of wellbeing and fruitfulness. Unfortunately, this festival involved sacrificing a dog to cleanse away evil spirits and a goat, for fruitfulness. Obviously, Lupercalia was the antithesis of showing dog love or giving Valentine’s Day dog gifts.

Whether or not this is a coincidence is unclear. However, by the 14th century February 14th was already associated with love, perhaps due to a common belief that birds started mating for the season on that day. By the time the 18th century rolled around, the day was well established as a special occasion to express one’s love and the exchange of flowers, sweets, and Valentine’s cards. By the end of the 20th century, showing one’s dog love and showering them with Valentine’s Day dog gifts was common.

History of Valentine’s Day Chocolates

So, how did chocolates become associated with the love fest? Well, it seems that Richard Cadbury, the second son of John Cadbury, the founder of Cadbury’s chocolate company, recognized that the company’s newly created “eating chocolate” (as opposed to drinking chocolate) presented the marketing opportunity of the century. Consequently, he designed elegant heart-shaped chocolate boxes to sell “Fancy Chocolates” in!

So, the rest is history! A gourmet box of chocolates has become the traditional way to convey one’s devotion to a loved one and has earned the moniker of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Consequently, with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching and many people gifting their human loved ones boxes of gourmet chocolates, many people wonder; how they can show their dog love and give them a similar perfect Valentine’s Day dog gift?

“Chocolates” for Your Dog!

Above all, you need to emulate the chocolate box-gifting and enjoyment experience for a dog.

It all starts with odor, which is an important component of taste. Most importantly, as we all know, dogs have a special power: their ability to sense odors, which is in the order of a million times greater than ours! They also have taste buds that we don’t, including special taste structures that are optimized for fats and meats. Therefore, while dogs are often considered omnivores, there is a reason they have mouths full of sharp teeth!

A Valentine’s Day Dog Gift Box of “Chocolates?” – Yes!

Valentine's Day Dog gift

Box of “Chocolates” for Dogs

Most importantly, that’s what our Barkaron Decadent Doggie Desserts are and how you can show your dog love with the perfect Valentine’s Day dog gift!

We’ve explored the planet for luxurious doggie eats. What did we find? – Our secret sauce is Camel Cheese, which we combine with various meats. We sustainably source our camel cheese from herders who nurture their camels in the Gobi Desert. Camel cheese is the doggie version of chocolate! Further, it not only appeals to their attraction to healthy fats and proteins, but also it supports canine diabetes management and healthy digestion. Camel Cheese’s health benefits to dogs don’t stop there; it is loaded with immunoglobulins, which are dog immune boosters. Camel cheese for dogs provides a powerful protein-packed chocolate-like dog experience unlike any other.

So, do you want to know how dogs experience camel cheese? Treat yourself to some gourmet chocolate! That way you can understand why Barkarons are a great way to show your dog love and make for the perfect Valentine’s Day dog gift!

The Box In the Valentine’s Day Dog Gift

In short, as Richard Cadbury realized over 150 years ago, part of the gifting experience is the box! That’s why our Barkaron Deacadent Doggie Desserts come in a beautiful dog gift box.

Certainly, most other dog treats come in plastic bags or in boxes with lots of plastic. So, Barkarons are housed in eco-friendly, plastic-free, boxes made from compostable and biodegradable, recyclable, recycled, materials and are certified through the USDA BioPreferred Program as comprised of a minimum of 99% plant-based materials.

chocolate for dogs

Dogs give us so much. And, they have the intelligence of a 2 or 2.5-year old. So, they understand when you give them something special – something like the perfect Valentine’s Day Dog Gift!


The Perfect Valentine’s Day Dog Gift: A Box of “Chocolates”

Certainly, due to their pristine ingredients, support of small, native farmers and herders, their plastic-free, eco-friendly box, and their amazing health benefits, Barkarons are the perfect way to show your dog love! How do we know? Thousands of Sampler dog parents and their dogs chose Barkarons as one of the Top Five Pet Products of All Time! Therefore, thousands of publications across the USA featured them!

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Sample of Publications Featuring Chews Happiness Barkarons

The Arizona Republic
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The San Diego Union-Tribune
International Business Times
Buffalo News
Boston Herald
Daily Herald

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