Valentine’s Day Dog Gifts, or “Chocolate” for Dogs!

Valentine’s Day Dog Gifts, or “Chocolate” for Dogs!

Dec 31, 2020


Giving and receiving a gourmet, decadent box of chocolates to/from a loved one is a revered Valentine’s Day ritual. How about our furry family members though? You and they deserve to experience that same special feeling.

Remember, dogs can be as smart as a two-and-a-half-year-old. In terms of social intelligence, they rank up there with teenagers! And, they not only recognize new items they are presented with, but also they prefer novelty!

You would give a two-year-old family member a special holiday gift, wouldn’t you? Well then, how about a giving a gift box to your furry family member?

While our dogs can’t eat chocolate, they can undoubtedly eat something just as amazing and tantalizing. The enjoyment of the rich and scrumptious flavors and the beautiful eco-friendly box of gourmet treats are part of the “chocolate” for dogs gifting experience.

With so many of us celebrating Valentine’s Day with our loved ones from a distance this year, it is even that much more meaningful that we find a special way to show how much we care.

The Gift Box of “Chocolates” for that Happy Experience

happy pills for dogs

Chocolate is a Happy Pill!

We all know that chocolate is something that we should never feed our dogs. That’s because chocolate contains both theobromine and caffeine, which can accelerate a dog’s heart rate and overstimulate dogs’ nervous systems. These side effects can be fatal.

So, let’s find a dog-friendly alternative that is as addicting and pleasurable as eating a gourmet box of chocolates is for us humans!

We humans LOVE our chocolate! We enjoy the rich flavor, as well as the mood-boosting effects of tryptophan, an amino acid that naturally occurs in chocolate and activates serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is thought to combat anxiety and depression, contributing to a chocolate high that makes us feel wonderful and leaves us craving yet more chocolate.

We have searched the planet for the secret ingredient needed to emulate the chocolate experience and to give our dogs the same incredible high.

Our secret ingredient? Camel cheese, which we source from family nurtured camels in the Gobi Desert. We have selected this “special sauce” key ingredient because it is a superfood with the perfect balance of gamey pungency and health benefits to create the perfect healthy, safe, and delicious indulgence for your furry family member.

Healthy “Chocolate” for Dogs!

Barkaron dog birthday desserts

Yes! “Chocolate” Can Be Healthy for Your Dog!

Camel cheese has an aroma that tantalizes dogs, although we humans don’t really notice it. This delicious ingredient is packed with immunoglobulins and 21 different proteins to support immune health and to satiate that inner canine carnivore. Camel cheese titillates dogs’ powerful sense of smell and also targets their taste receptors, which are hard-wired for fats and meats in a way that is similar, as far as we can tell, to the euphoria humans feel when they eat chocolate.

So, like chocolate, which is loaded with antioxidants and can be quite healthy (if not consumed with loads of added sugar), camel cheese provides dogs with a  decadent, yet super healthy, experience. Don’t tell your dog though that it’s such a superfood powerhouse!

Your Dog Will Prize A Gift Box Of “Chocolates”

dog gift chocolate for dogs

Who Says Dogs Can’t Eat “Chocolate?”

Your dogs may scarf down their treats, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t savoring their food just as much as we do when we eat a piece of decadent chocolate.

As you know, a dog’s sense of smell is much stronger than ours. Dogs have MILLIONS of olfactory sensor cells that enable them to smell and taste their food to a degree we can’t even IMAGINE. As a matter of fact dogs can smell odors emanating from miles away. We took advantage of your furry family members’ special olfactory cells (optimized for fats and meats) so that they go crazy as they savor camel cheese with all of its healthy fats and proteins.

While your dog may look as if she is scarfing down her “chocolates,” your dog is savoring her treat before you’ve even opened the package!

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Box for Dogs

chocolate for dogs

A Gift Box of “Chocolates” for Dogs!

We’ve made this an easy choice for you. After searching the Earth for the perfect, pristine ingredients designed to recreate the chocolate box experience for your dog, we have developed our Barkaron® Decadent Doggie Desserts®.

We make our Barkarons with the finest, pristine ingredients, including our “secret sauce” ingredient, camel cheese!

To top it off, we include sustainably sourced chicken, fish, and other meats to create a decadent, sensory experience for your dog that is unlike anything else.

In addition to our selecting second-to-none ingredients, we have designed our Bakaron Decadent Doggie Dessert gift boxes to be elegant and eco-friendly, as we make them from recycled paper and cotton with no plastic!

When you present a loved one with a gourmet box of chocolates it’s easy to make them feel special. Give your dog the same special experience with our Barkaron Decadent Doggie Desserts today!

Gift the Most Special Dog Gifts!

Chews Happiness line

Give A Box of “Chocolates” To Your Dog This Valentine’s Day or Any Other Day You Make Special!

Due to their pristine ingredients, unique functional health benefits, support of Chews Happiness’ social enterprise, and their eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging, Barkarons make the best dog gifts. That’s why they’ve been featured in thousands of publications across the USA! Here is a sampling of them, below.

Minneapolis Startribune Feature

Wow! America’s Dogs Love Barkarons!


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